Why Is It So Hard for Top Surgery Patients to Find Good Aftercare?

For trans and gender-nonconforming patients, esthetician Leola Davis’s office is a safe haven to heal — inside and out.

Exploring the Lack of Diversity in Beauty Spaces

Beauty spaces have long been associated with luxurious and comfortable experiences, with neutral tones, beige furniture, and gold fixtures often used to create a relaxing environment. However, for many nonbinary individuals and people of color, these designs can be exclusionary and even uncomfortable.

As a beauty writer who has navigated beauty spaces big and small, I have noticed a disturbing lack of diversity in the design and layout of these spaces. The “neutral” designs often used can inadvertently emphasize differences and nonconformity in individuals who do not fit into the traditional beauty mold. For nonbinary individuals, who do not identify as strictly male or female, the binary gender divide that these spaces perpetuate can be overwhelming and disheartening.

Moreover, for people of color, the lack of diversity in beauty spaces can be glaring. With most spaces designed to cater to a predominantly white audience, people of color can feel alienated and excluded from the beauty industry altogether.

It’s time for the beauty industry to take a step back and consider the impact that their design choices have on individuals who do not fit into the traditional beauty mold. While the neutral design scheme may seem harmless, it can actually exacerbate the feelings of isolation and exclusion that many nonbinary and people of color experience in beauty spaces.

It’s time for beauty spaces to embrace diversity in all its forms, whether it be through more inclusive designs or a more diverse range of products and services. Only then can the beauty industry truly live up to its promise of making everyone feel beautiful and confident.

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