The best way to treat rosacea, by those who know first-hand

Figuring out how to treat rosacea successfully is a real challenge – but these sufferers and experts will tell you what truly works

“I never take a hot shower or go for a long walk without applying a thick layer of moisturiser beforehand. It makes all the difference between ending up with a slight flush or a completely overpowering redness.

“I generally avoid harsh exfoliants, oils and retinol, and try to opt for fragrance-free things where possible. This said, sometimes the fragrance-free police are perhaps a bit too frightened of scent. Some of my favorites do have a hint of it!

Rosacea is a challenging and incurable skin condition that affects more people than we may realize, with up to one in ten people estimated to have it. However, for many individuals, the symptoms may be low-level and not immediately noticeable. As we age, especially women over 40, rosacea tends to worsen, and it can be influenced by various factors such as genetics, stress, and diet.

Consultant dermatologist Justine Hextall notes that rosacea is often a manifestation of underlying systemic issues, which eventually present in the skin. While this may sound daunting, there are ways to manage and minimize the symptoms of rosacea without breaking the bank or overcomplicating your routine.

To gain insight into how individuals cope with rosacea, we spoke to three people who have lived with the condition. They shared their experiences and tips for managing the symptoms effectively. In addition, Dr. Hextall gave us some valuable insights into what she has learned from treating rosacea patients.

Despite the challenges that come with rosacea, there is hope. With the right habits and strategies, you can minimize the symptoms and feel confident in your skin. Whether it’s adapting your skincare routine, making dietary changes, or managing stress levels, there are plenty of practical steps you can take to manage rosacea effectively. With a little patience and persistence, you can find the approach that works best for you and keep rosacea at bay.

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