The best retinol eye creams to add to your skincare arsenal

If you’re looking to switch up your skincare ritual, consider retinol eye creams. Contrary to popular belief, you certainly don’t need to wait until you hit a certain age in order to start using retinol-based products. In fact, the sooner you start, the more benefits you’re likely to see. And given how thin the skin around our eyes is and how closely it’s positioned to our blood vessels, retinol eye creams are gentle enough to take care of this delicate area and effective enough for us to see long-term results.

“You’re never too young for eye cream because that will be the first area to show wrinkl es”, explains Dr Dendy Engelman, top skincare specialist and Elizabeth Arden’s consulting New York dermatologist. “I would definitely recommend the extra step of an eye cream because a) you need something that’s specifically formulated to not be too irritating and b) you want something extra nourishing and hydrating because the area is naturally more dry.”

Now, if there’s one ingredient that eclipses all others when it comes to smoothing your skin, it’s retinol. ““As a board-certified dermatologist, retinol derivatives and vitamin A still holds the highest tier of benefits for helping with fine lines and wrinkles, for building collagen and elastin and for improving skin texture and reversing sun damage. There’s so many benefits to that ingredient,” Dr Dendy explains.

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