Is glutathione the new retinol?

Are you ready to add a new name to your skincare ingredient list? Glutathione may not be as famous as some of the other skincare staples, but it boasts an impressive resume when it comes to skin health. This naturally occurring antioxidant, made up of three amino acids – glycine, glutamate, and cysteine – is found in plants and animals and helps defend the skin against visible environmental damage. However, as we age, our natural supply of glutathione dwindles, leading to outward signs of aging.

While topical skincare is one way to reap its benefits, incorporating glutathione through supplements or a healthy diet is another route to improving skin health. Its benefits include fighting free radicals, boosting radiance, and preventing fine lines. But let’s be honest, “Gloo-tuh-thai-own” can be a mouthful to pronounce, so it’s best to focus on its impressive skin-boosting qualities instead.

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