How this brand is changing personalised skincare for salon owners

Personalised skincare offers beauty professionals an opportunity to build trust with their clients and achieve better results. Discover why Lesielle is on a mission to empower therapists to deliver superior skincare services to their clients.

To help salons increase revenue and maintain the benefits of professional treatments, driving retail sales of skincare products is crucial. Lesielle, an adaptive skincare brand, offers personalised skincare solutions through a unique dispensing device that caters to each individual’s unique needs. The brand uses advanced technology to create custom formulas tailored to a person’s skin type, concerns, and preferences. Therapists can use an online consultation tool to understand their client’s current skincare routine and create a personalised skincare routine, selecting from a range of active ingredients and moisturising bases. Lesielle’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, and ethical production methods provides therapists with a trustworthy brand to recommend to their clients. Additionally, the personalised skincare consultation provides detailed explanations of the recommended actives and bases, improving therapists’ expertise and enhancing their ability to provide effective skincare solutions. By combining advanced technology and personalised recommendations with regular consultations and transparent explanations, Lesielle empowers therapists to deliver superior skincare services and drive retail sales of skincare products.

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