Glam-Mas: Women in their 60s feel most confident about their looks

A new survey of 1,000 British women, released by premium collagen supplement brand, SoBodyCo., has found that 66% of British women aged 60-69 years old claimed to feel confident in their appearance – which is more than any other age group, and significantly higher than those in their 20s. 

This is despite the fact that 29% say they had expected to feel most confident in their 20s – when in fact only 53% of this age group reported feeling confident about the way they look.

British women aged 70-79 were the second most confident group, with 57% claiming to feel this way about themselves.

This coupled with the fact that almost 1 in 3 (31%) women claim to have felt more confident with themselves as they have got older is great news for the 84% of women who say they dread the ageing process.

That’s not to say that feeling good as we age comes easy… 1 in 5 (20%) admit that as they have got older, they had to work harder to feel this way, but still say they feel better about themselves than they ever have.

“It’s really uplifting to see how confidence changes as we age – and particularly to learn that British women’s confidence only seem to increase once they are past the core perimenopausal years,” Said SoBodyCo’s Hazel Walker.

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