Fillers: 28 things no one tells you before getting them

Fillers are a cosmetic treatment that is often misunderstood, with horror stories of overfilled cheeks and bodge-job lips giving it a bad reputation. Fillers involve injecting substances beneath the skin’s surface to add volume and fullness, and in the right hands, it’s not about changing the face or exaggerating facial features to unnatural proportions. However, as a medical procedure, fillers should not be taken lightly. A less-is-more approach, combined with advances in filler formula, means that you can opt for a more natural look. Aesthetic practitioners can now subtly elevate the hollows of the face or add barely detectable volume to your lips. The most important thing to consider before getting fillers is your practitioner, and it’s essential to choose someone experienced and reputable. Additionally, timing is crucial, and it’s essential to plan ahead and ensure that you give yourself enough time to heal before any important events.

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