9 Tattoo Aftercare Products to Maintain Your Fresh Ink

Taking proper care of your tattoo is essential to ensure it heals correctly and maintains its vibrancy. One of the biggest mistakes people make after getting a tattoo is letting it dry up. According to Dr. Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist, a tattoo takes four to six weeks to completely heal. It’s crucial to use a protective ointment, salve, or tattoo-friendly moisturizer to prevent scab formation during the healing process, which can cause lightened spots or scars to develop on the design. Dr. Carmen Castilla, another board-certified dermatologist, recommends using thick and occlusive products to protect the new tattoo, decrease the risk of infection, and promote healing. To achieve the best results, it’s advisable to avoid swimming for at least two weeks post-tattoo, keep the tattoo covered with non-stick gauze with paper tape, and resist the urge to pick at the skin as it heals. So, make sure to grab one of the best tattoo aftercare products available in the market to keep your ink looking fresh and vibrant.

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